I want to do court marriage in one day

Marriage Registration can be done under two main acts depending on the religion of the parties involved: the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Here are the steps and requirements for registering a marriage in Delhi under each act.

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955
People do their marriages in Arya Samaj marriage, after that they required to register their marriage under this act. Offenly people prefer this process.

Special Marriage Act, 1954
In this act people need to give 30 days intend to marry notice after if there is no any objection then on next date they will solemnized their marriage and get marriage certificate.

Court marriage in one day, follow these steps:

Check Legal Requirements: Ensure both parties meet the legal requirements for marriage in your jurisdiction, such as age, consent, and any previous marital status issues.

Gather Necessary Documents: Prepare the required documents, which typically include:

Proof of age and identity (birth certificate, passport, or driver’s license)
Proof of residence
Passport-sized photographs
Affidavit of marital status (if previously married, provide divorce decree or death certificate of former spouse)

Witnesses: Bring two witnesses (usually adults who know both parties) with their identification documents.

Application Submission: Submit the marriage application form along with the documents. Pay the necessary fees.

It’s important to check the specific requirements and procedures of the marriage office in your area. Consider contacting the office in advance to confirm that same-day marriage is possible and to verify any additional requirements.

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Many couple prefer to go Arya Samaj marriage, it takes 2 to 3 hours to complete and after that register marriage in SDM court. This is a valid and time saving procedure.

Some common questions

How to get court marriage done in Delhi?
You need to follow the prescribed procedure and fulfill certain legal requirements. Attach Documents, Verification of Documents, Publication of Notice. Solemnization of Marriage: Marriage will be solemnized at the office of the Marriage Officer in the presence of witnesses.

Can court marriage be done in one day?
Yes, you can go for Arya Samaj marriage, and after that, apply for marriage registration. Arya Samaj marriage takes two to three hours to complete. If someone says that court marriage can be done in one day, it is impossible because, as per the Special Marriage Act, everyone must follow the law. Everyone needs to follow the 30-day notice period, three witnesses, photo ID proofs, and address proofs.

What is fee for court marriage?
At the lowest fee, contact us to know the exact fee for court marriage in Delhi, India. The fees may cover different aspects of the court marriage process. Additionally, there may be additional charges for services like expedited processing or solemnization. Keep in mind that fees and service procedures are subject to change.

Court marriage documents list?
Here is a general list of documents commonly required for court marriage. Proof of identity, Proof of age, Residence proof, Passport-sized photographs. If either party has been previously married, a copy of the former spouse’s divorce decree or death certificate should be provided.

Who can perform a court marriage?
A girl and a boy who are 18 and 21, and they are single at the time of marriage. Who follow court marriage laws and fulfil all the requirements.


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