We Are All About Our Clients

We Are All About Our Clients
LawSathi is an initiative to provide online and offline legal services. It is the most reputed online and offline legal service provider platform. Law Sathi is focused on creating access to justice in India.

We provide high-quality practical legal services all across India, directly impacting the quality of legal services available to the common citizens of the country.
We have connected with many lawyers from different cities in the country to provide you with legal services.

We have successfully provided our specialized services to numerous satisfied clients. We are highly concerned about our clients and try to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Skilled Advocacy. Practical Solutions

Library of how-to guides and templates that can elevate a legal practice and help it. LawSathi is also a community of lawyers who are forever law students in their hearts and dedicate some of their time to studying and learning law, writing about it and even teaching it.

There are many projects through which we have been making some of the best study material and school curriculum, which is also available on YouTube for free in the form of video lectures, and creating access to reading the material as well.

Most of our students are lawyers with several years of experience who want to add new areas of law to their practice or work on matters involving expertise in multiple areas at the same time.
Many young law graduates take our course to speed up their professional development, skill development, and career progression. Some advanced law students take our courses to procure practical knowledge beyond what is taught in law schools. It helps them to rapidly develop practical legal knowledge and skills, stand out from the crowd, and perform better than expected. We offer test-prep courses for the bar exam, judiciary exam, and CLAT.
We have also catered to many non-lawyers who want to learn the law due to various professional benefits, from information security officers who want to learn technology law to procurement experts who want to learn more about contract law to HR managers who want to learn labor and employment laws.

Law universities can connect us to train their teachers or to train their students in practical aspects to make them job-ready.

How to prepare for interviews How to get better in time management How to develop your brand How to become more   How to become effective at networking, etc. 

There are multiple webinars we create to develop your career. We have noticed that different experts have had practical experience and proficiency in specific parts of a subject. We also take care to speak to young, mid-level, and senior practitioners so that a broad range of challenges can be captured.

We believe that learning is not a one-way transfer of knowledge from the expert to the student. Our learners stretch and expand their brains by applying knowledge to simulation exercises framed around real-life situations and sharing practical knowledge.

Experts find joy in working with us because their intention to impart practical skills materializes uniquely. They can limit their time to do what they do best. Some experts may find it worthwhile to contribute to exercises, while others may prefer to take online classes. Still, others might be willing to contribute some templates or write a few chapters.

LawSathi is an organization with a unique learner profile. We are often approached by recruiters and law firms to recommend lawyers with the right skills to them. This puts us in a great position to share exclusive job opportunities and openings with learners. We even recommend those who perform well in class for jobs and internships regularly.

Qualified Business Coach/Trainer

Fast-growing your business? Contact us today! For extensive hands-on coaching and training. Business requires wise decisions, continuity, making, leadership, and influence.

Experienced Legal Advisor

Let our experienced legal advisor or trainer guide you to your dreams. We provide online legal and compliance training through specially designed training. www.lawsathi.com

Best Training course For practical Law Online

LawSathi is the world's largest and most reputed online legal education company. We offer courses for law professionals, students, CA, CS, and businessmen.

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